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you’re beautiful and you’re worth.

Don’t let anyone or anything make you feel the contrary.



When I watch (rewatch actually) any of Heath Ledger movies, it’s like spending two or more hours on his side, and it’s a pleasure. It’s like being there with him for real. <3

Ok, some of you may not understand that, but sometimes…

Sometimes, I can’t get through, though. I can’t deal with the pain. It hurts so much and I have to stop the movie and turn it off, cause it’s so difficult for me to have so many feelings for him and realize that he is gone, that what happened happened and…

I suffer too much. Sometimes I can’t bear the pain…

sotma-ledger: May I ask, what's with the ripping of images from my facebook page without giving us credits?

Your credits are in the watermark and in the description of the pic. 

click on the link and it will lead to your page. Have a nice day.